Private Jet Shares – The Fractional Alternative

Jet Shares is designed for the flier who travels three days or more per month and expects to do so for a year or more at a fraction of the cost of one hundred percent ownership of similarly sized aircraft or fractional programs. Take advantage of depreciation programs, depending on whether you fly for personal or business reasons.  Ownership offers the advantage of higher dispatch reliability and more consistent service delivery over ala carte aircraft charters. Experience the pleasure of knowing your cabin each flight, as well as your flight crew. Always consult an appropriate attorney and accountant to explore the advantages for your personal legal and tax framework.

The Gulfstream III is ideal for North and South America and the Islands. The Gulfstream IV allows you to reach Europe and Hawaii and the Gulfstream V and Global Express offer a global reach to all these and Asia.

This Jet Share program offers shares of private jets that allows for calendar use-time rather than flight hours per year, giving owners more of a whole-jet ownership feel. The calendar time model enables owners to keep their jet with them for periods of time for high departure flexibility. See shares time allocations and pricing below.

Click the play button below for a video walkthrough of a sample jet share available now.

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