Private Jet Charter Services

Big Apple Jet gives you the freedom to personalize and change your charter service and aircraft as you like. No matter what service you choose, we’ll align our services with your needs. We’re fully committed to safety and transparency. When it comes to transparency, we’re always open and honest with our clients regarding what they pay for, including the age and safety ratings of the aircraft.

Business Jet Charter Services

Chartering a private jet can be critical to your business, especially if you often hold meetings in different locations. Aircraft charter saves your time and gives you a lot of flexibility: you don’t need to arrive hours before departure and you can modify your trip to accommodate weather delays, if necessary. You can easily jet between your meetings on busy days without fear of missing your flights. Also, the private business jet charter lets you make the most of your time because, with all the facilities the business aircraft offer, you can stay productive on board.

Air Ambulance Jet Charter Services

When you or a loved one is in need of immediate medical care, you can count on Big Apple Jet to organize medical transport in the form of private jets. We offer air ambulance medical services to ensure our clients experience superior service during critical moments, and our dedicated staff is here to relieve the pressure when dealing with loved ones who need immediate medical transportation.

Cargo Jet Charter Services

Big Apple Jet can help you move freight fast. Very fast. We respond, rather than react, to the needs of time-sensitive cargo plane charter requests, such as flying cargo to and from destinations worldwide ensuring a speedy transfer of your precious cargo to where it needs to be. We are committed to solving global challenges we face and our clients’ immediate logistics needs.

Group Jet Charter Services

A private charter on commercial aircraft is rapidly becoming the transport of choice for clients traveling in groups. At Big Apple Jet, we’ve been in private aircraft charter services for over two decades. With access to the finest aircraft, we’re known for delivering an unparalleled standard of group private jet travel.

Empty Leg Jet Charter Services

At any given time, there may be more than 3000 empty legs available worldwide. Once you let us know about your preferred routes and dates, we can match your air charter schedule with empty leg flights available on the market. It often happens that such an empty leg flight has been paid for in part by the original flyer and is therefore offered at reduced rates. Empty legs offer price advantages with cost savings of up to 75% when compared to standard private jet travel rates.

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