Very Light Jets

2 – 4 passengers 700 – 1,400 nautical miles $2,200 – $2,400 per hour

Very Light Jets are great for short to medium range and lightweight trips (under 10,000 pounds) due to their versatility and efficiency. Optimal for small groups of passengers, a Very Light Jet can typically accommodate two to four people. These efficient aircraft combine jet cruising speeds with the ability to operate from smaller airports.

Light Jets

6 – 7 passengers 1,100 – 1,900 nautical miles $2,600 – $3,100 per hour

An efficient and economical option for short to medium range flights, Light Jets offer superior versatility, speed, and range over non-turbine aircraft. Light Jets have the added advantage of being able to fly into and out of smaller airports that are inaccessible to major airliners. With cruising speeds averaging 440 mph and a nonstop range of about 1,500 miles, light jets carry you to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Super Light Jets

7 – 8 passengers 1,700 – 1,900 nautical miles $3,000 – $3,500 per hour

These aircraft offer more cabin space, as well as larger baggage compartments. Super Light Jets are suitable for short to medium-range travel and carry between seven to eight passengers. With an increased range from light jets and a bigger cabin space, Super Light Jets are an efficient and economical choice. For a small increase in price, super light jets are capable of landing in smaller airports. These jets are a great way to travel, as they have additional accommodations and an extended range to assure a safe and comfortable trip.

Midsize Jets

8 – 9 passengers 1,300 – 3,000 nautical miles $3,200 – $4,300 per hour

Midsize Jets offer the ultimate balance of efficiency, comfort, performance, and economy for medium length flights. Midsize Jets can fly further and faster than their lighter counterparts. These aircraft take advantage of a 500-mph average cruising speed and a maximum nonstop range of around 2,100 miles, all without sacrificing the ability to fly into and out of smaller airports. Simply put, Midsize Jets offer the best of both worlds.

Super Midsize Jets

8 – 10 passengers 2,400 – 4,000 nautical miles $4,300 – $6,000 per hour

Super Midsize Jets are an attractive middle ground between midsize jets and large jets. These are good for those who require more carrying capacity, speed, and range but don’t need a larger aircraft. Super Midsize jets are exceptionally fast, quiet, and efficient, with the comfort of a large jet and the versatility of a midsize jet.

Large Jets

10 – 16 passengers 3,600 – 6,000 nautical miles $5,600 – $8,000 per hour

Large Jets are among the most comfortable executive aircraft available and offer optimum performance and luxurious amenities for long-range flights. Although they’re large, they are still compact enough to operate out of airports not accessible by many major airlines. Passengers get to enjoy the high standard of luxury you can find in any Large Jet. Amenities available on large jets often include a full private lavatory, external baggage compartments, stereo DVD, satellite phone, fax, and a full galley. Additionally, onboard flight attendants will enhance your in-flight experience by providing additional safety and comfort while also assisting with gourmet catering and entertainment.

Ultra Long Range Jets

12 – 16 passengers 2,500 – 6,700 nautical miles $8,000 – $11,000 per hour

Whether traveling state to state or out of the country, Ultra-Long-Range Jets are capable of up to 11 hours of non-stop flight time, much longer than most aircraft. Ultra-Long-Range Jets are ideal for longer trips and can comfortably seat between 12 to 19 passengers. These aircraft are usually configured to first-class seating, offering a luxurious experience to each passenger. Depending on the aircraft model, baggage compartments may hold up to 100 suitcases. Additional features on Ultra-Long-Range Jets may include a full bar, catering services, and private rooms.

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