Covid Flying – Is The Boom In Private Flying Still Soaring?

As many steered to private flying due to COVID-19, flying private was a necessary luxury in order to be safe from possible spread of the virus. Private flying was typically associated with wealthy executives, athletes and entertainers. However, this was no longer the case. Due to the pandemic, there are now more first-time jet owners, families and smaller businesses flying private.

Commercial flying was down from 90% to 80% in 2021. Private flying now accounts for a quarter of U.S. flights. With the ease of
boarding and safety and having the flexibility to save time, many still continue to fly private as it remains a necessary luxury. The demand for more jets is an understatement, as private jet operators are needing aircrafts in order to fulfill their clients charter requests. Whether you’re looking to continue to fly private
or have interest in a share in an aircraft, we have access to fulfill your jet charter needs.

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