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Private Aircraft Charter vs. First-Class

by Big Apple Jet

Private Aircraft Charter vs. First-Class

Pros and Cons for both examining time, productivity, security and cost efficiencies.

Differences between chartering a private aircraft and booking first class are narrowed down to these efficiency factors:

TIME: If time is worth as much as or more than money, private aircraft charter is recommended for saving the time of long lines in commercial airline terminals for security checkpoints, etc., as well as boarding, deplaning, baggage claim and connecting with ground transportation. Commercial airline delays and cancelations risks affect the time factor exponentially.

PRODUCTIVITY: In addition to time savings associated with private aircraft charters, if traveling with a group for business, the privacy of an aircraft cabin allows for much greater networking and production.

SECURITY: Private aircraft charters afford far better travel discretion when required for confidential business dealings, as well as avoiding the many confrontations and disruptions so prevalent in commercial airline cabins.

COST: If flying a heavily traveled route for personal reasons alone or with one other traveler, and your time value can allow for potential commercial airline delays and cancellations, then a first-class ticket may be preferred. If travelling in a group, private aircraft charters should be evaluated by price per passenger for the selected aircraft. Since flying internationally can be much more expensive for a private aircraft charter, first class may make more sense, depending on how many passengers are in your group and the accessibility and safety of your destination.