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In November, large cabin charter and jet card trips increased by 80%

by Big Apple Jet

Large cabin private jet flights surged by 72.9 percent, representing a 45 percent increase over 2020 and a new high for November.

With over 300,000 flights in November, North American private jet flights set a new record, and November 28th became the busiest day in the history of private jet flying with over 13,000 flights.

There’s no sign of a break in the action. In December 2021, Argus TRAQPak analysts predict a 37.4 percent rise in overall North American flight activity over the previous year. In comparison to December 2019, traffic is expected to be up 17.7%.

Flights were 45.1 percent higher in November than in 2020, with fractional operators up 51 percent, charter operators up 40.1 percent, and owned jets up 48 percent.

The huge results were led by a surge of 80.7 percent in Part 135 large cabin jet flights, which increased by 72.9 percent overall. The benefit for fractional operators was 62.1 percent.

In November, midsize jets increased by 55.2 percent, while light jets increased by 43.1 percent. Turboprops came in second with a still-impressive gain of 26.8%.

November figures are often lower than October, according to TraqPak, and this was the case once again. Despite the overall 5.6 percent drop, Part 135 big cabin jets demonstrated their resilience with a 4 percent month-over-month rise.

With 323,000 flights, October reached a new high.