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United and American route cuts may increase private jet demand

by Big Apple Jet

Travelers flying from and to more than a dozen cities where United Airlines and American Airlines have halted service may opt for private aviation.

While demand for private aircraft in the United States remains at an all-time high, United Airlines and American Airlines have cancelled flights to over a dozen smaller and midsize towns due to a lack of demand.

The cuts are “indefinite,” according to United.

Kalamazoo, Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, Evansville, Indiana, Mosinee, Wisconsin, Columbia, Missouri, College Station, Texas, Killeen-Fort Hood, Texas, Monroe, Louisiana, Pierre, South Dakota, Watertown, South Dakota, and Twin Falls, Idaho are among the cities that will lose service.

Its hubs in Chicago, Houston, and Denver had been serving the airports. The flights were deemed “unsustainable” due to the influence of Covid.

Meanwhile, according to Business Journals, American has canceled 42,000 flights in January and another 35,000 in February. That’s a 30 percent and 25% reduction from the schedule it had on the books at the start of the month.

According to the website, flights would be canceled in Key West, Florida; Charlotte and Knoxville, Tennessee; and Jackson, Mississippi.

Routes from Los Angeles to Reno and Salt Lake City will be eliminated, but the airline will continue to serve those destinations via other hubs.

What are the advantages of flying by private jet?
Users of the afflicted airports will find it more difficult to fly with the airlines as a result of the service cuts. It has the potential to increase demand for private aircraft.

At the same time, health concerns continue to drive newcomers to private flying, with over 1,000 deaths from Covid occurring every day in the United States as travelers attempt to limit touchpoints. Private flights have fewer than 20 touchpoints, compared to nearly 700 with airlines.

Private aviation users frequently discover that excursions that would normally take multiple days and four or five hours with a connection may be done in a single day when flying privately.

Travelers get closer to where they need to be flying privately before the cuts since they have access to over 5,000 airports in the United States, compared to around 500 with the airlines. In reality, small towns account for 80% of private aircraft flights.